How long will it take to receive the ordered goods?

The goods purchased in our online shop will respect the times marked on the ordered pieces, considering the longer one, for the products available the shipment will be made in the two working days following the order (if you make a purchase on Friday evening, the package will be sent on Tuesday following). For all "on order" orders they will have about 15-30 working days to wait, depending on the availability of raw materials.

Are there any deadlines for orders?

The order will be shipped only if the payment is concluded except for the cash on delivery method (exclusive for Italy).


Who are the deliveries managed by?

Express shippers (delivery 24/48 hours after our dispatch to Italy and 5/7 days for abroad)

Trucking forwarders: (they make one delivery per week and are usually used for large quantities)

Collection at our store in Vietri sul Mare after being contacted, in two solutions:

- personally there will be no additional costs

- packaging costs equal to 10% of the total and not less than € 10.00 will be calculated by your forwarder

Are the goods insured?

The ordered goods always travel with our insurance and will be covered by a new shipment whenever there were breakages in the transport phase (only with the use of our shippers).

What should I do when the goods are delivered?

Collect the parcel with reserve so that you can check its integrity calmly (you have 4 days), if the package is damaged take a picture of the damaged side and one of the whole package, then unpack the goods, if it is broken or also damaged, place it near the package and take a photo of the broken pieces, then send us everything by e-mail (at and we will thus start the insurance procedures, so you will be contacted by the insurer who will ask you if indeed the shipment arrived broken, (of course you will have to confirm that the package was damaged).

Subsequently we will make you get the products back with a new shipment at no cost.

If I notice that something is missing when opening the package or is there an error?

Contact us now at +39 089 461503 or send us an e-mail to with the description of what has happened, we will agree on an optimal solution together.