Company history - "Falcone Artistic Ceramics"

The company "Ceramica Artistica Falcone" was born in 1993 on the initiative of mr. Falcone Salvatore. A craftsman who boasts ceramic origins, for which he can be considered "son of art", custodian of the techniques of the ancient artists of Vietri who gave this place a worldwide fame. Born in Cava de 'Tirreni in 1954, to his father Luigi Falcone and mother Luisa Trezza, he spent his childhood years with his parents, his brother and his two sisters in a small house in Badia di Cava de' Tirreni. His adolescence is rich in teachings, he attends schools up to high qualification, and in the same period, in his spare time he dedicates himself to different jobs, as an electrician, electronic, but manifests "as his mother says" the predisposition to drawing and creativity in fact, already at the age of 16, he started working as a ceramist "almost for fun" at a small company.

At the age of 17 he starts at another ceramic company. His profession as a decorator, here he knows his future wife Elena Cuomo, who follows him in all his adventures and with whom he will have three children Luigi, Ilaria, and Manuela. In the following years they started the first ceramic company in a small laboratory located in the square of Cava de 'Tirreni but the grueling work and young age meant that the choice of life was based only on work at other companies. He worked for many years at Vietri ceramic companies, where he learned and consolidated his skills with the styles of Vietri ceramics. In his mind, however, there is always the desire to create his own company, so in 1993 he gave Vita alla Ceramica Artistica Falcone. His experiences in the processing and decoration of ceramics mean that in a short time the company establishes itself on the market and becomes the first supplier of many shops on the Amalfi, Sorrento and Cilento coast.

The required articles are infinite and thus inserts a series of collaborators in the company who follow him and help him in the production. After a few years, he also inserts his wife who gives a good incentive to production. In the following years the company expands its sales also abroad where it finds positive results both in the USA and in the EU states. In 2000, his son Luigi and his daughter Ilaria also joined the company, after having graduated from high school, they deepened the ceramic knowledge dictated by their father. The company, therefore, bases its productive power mainly on the strength of the family and makes it possible to add new requests to production. In 2001 Salvatore had the opportunity to set up the sale in Vietri Sul Mare, where in Corso Umberto, 95 he buys his shop and which shows his creations directly. The difficulties have never been lacking "says Salvatore" but it is the strength and love that I give to my family, and to my company, which makes it still active today and proposes itself with innovations and seriousness on the market ...