Is there an option to cancel an order?

Yes, orders can be canceled up to 12 hours after confirmation by communicating by phone at +39 089 461503 at no cost.


 How can I proceed if I change my mind upon receipt of the package?

Contact us now at +39 089461503 to confirm the return of the purchased items.

How do I proceed?

Insured shipping for the full amount at your expense to the following address:

Artistic Ceramics of S. Falcone

Loc. Sant'Antuono, snc

fraz. Sant'Arcangelo

84013 Cava de 'Tirreni (SA)

tel: +39 089 461503

No later than 7 days from the arrival of the package.

Can I view the goods?

No, if you have decided to return it, the packaging must be the original one.


If the goods I send back are broken?

If the goods are broken on arrival, we will send you an e-mail with photos of the package and the damaged goods, so it will not be refunded by us, but you will have to contact the shipper you used within 4 days to receive a refund from the insurance.

When will I get my money back?

The refund will be made 24/48 hours after the arrival of the package, by bank transfer to the coordinates you will provide us.

What does the refund include?

The refund will be the full amount of the goods paid, excluding packaging, transport and insurance costs